Jib Club Spring 2022

Jib Club Spring 2022

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6 bottles - 3 Rose/3 Riesling

Spring 2022


Are you ready to treat your palate to a liquid sunset?  Our soon-to-be-released 2021 Rose and Riesling could be headed your way in the very near future. 


Known as the "water of summer", our off-dry Rose offers up a slightly tropical nose with strong aromas flowering orchard fruits. The sleek yet playful structure suggests balanced acidity and sweetness and allows for a complex evolution of flavors including freshly cut apples and scattered rose petals. The smooth and textural finish is almost sultry, leaving the palate tingling and satisfied. Perfect for staying hydrated at the beach or becoming the most popular person at the dinner party. 


Our Riesling hails from DuBrul Vineyards and is not as sweet as you might think but still oh-so-charming. Honey, pear, and floral aromas kiss the nose like tiny golden butterflies. The high acidity provides excellent texture and accentuates the flavors of apricot, nectarine and hints of pineapple. The finish suggests a touch of sweetness that would pair well with spicy cuisines of all types. 


It has been reported that drinkers both of our Spring releases experienced an significant increase in general popularity in social situations, along with improvements in career success and wealth acquisition.